Thrill is a full-service video company and will work with you from script to final edit to plan, create and produce the perfect video for your needs. We promise that it will look and sound great!


We meet with you to understand the vision and audience for your video. This assures that once completed your message is on target and the story unfolds exactly as you imagined.



Animation brings characters to life, helps pre-visualize a product or simply makes your logo sizzle! We produce green screen, 2D and 3D animation or motion graphics by creating exciting content guaranteed to engage your audience.



Single or multi-camera, in the studio or on location, we assemble a team of trusted professionals for each project according to your unique needs - teleprompters, smooth dolly shots or sweeping crane shots - Thrill will deliver.



Post is where we bring it all together: interviews, animation, voice over and music all interwoven to tell your story. You can work with us in the suite or collaborate online. Thrill is about flexibility and creativity while ensuring we communicate your brand and story.